1How do i apply for a business loan at YERF?
  1. You must be between the ages 18-35 to qualify.
  2. Fill in the application form provided at the Tinkhundla Centres
2What does the Application process entail?
  1. Download forms from website, or collect from Inkhundla or Business Service Provider.
  2. Secure signature and stamp from local Authority (Chiefdom or Zone)
  3. Secure signature and stamp from Inkhundla
  4. Submit application documents to Youth Fund or inkhundla
  5. YERF is to collect application forms at Inkhundla centre.
3General Requirements
  1. Certified ID copy
  2. Completed loan application form
  3. Business Proposal
  4. Market Confirmations
  5. Registration Documents for companies and cooperatives.
  6. Trading Lisence ( where applicable)
  7. Land & Water rights where applicable
  8. Valid bank account, etc
    4What are the Lending Limits
    The fund shall extend loans to applicants with viable financial proposals. Currently, the maximum limits shall stand as follows:
    1. Individuals & Sole traders E50,000.000
    2. Registered Companies E100,000.00
    3. Registered Cooperatives E150,000.00

    YERF Standard (Normal) Loan Product

    1How to apply for the YERF Standard Loan Product (Required documents)?

    To apply for a Loan you will need to provide the following:

    • Youth Fund Application Form - filled and signed at Umphakatsi and Inkhundla level
    • Business plan,
    • Market confirmations
    • Cash flow projections
    • Quotations for the items you want (at least 3 quotations for each product/service)
    • Lease agreement - permission/authority to use space of business
    • Certified copy of ID
    • Trading license (if applicable)
    • All registration paperwork
    • CV of project manager (if applicable)
    2Who is eligible to apply for the YERF Standard Loan Product?
    All Eswatini youth between the ages of 18-35 years.
    3What are the lending limits?

    Youth Enterprise Fund extends loans to applicants with viable financial proposals. Currently, the maximum limits are as follows:

    • Individuals & Sole traders E50,000.000
    • Registered Companies     E100,000.00
    • Registered Cooperatives  E150,000.00

    *All loans have a minimum of E5000.00

    4What is the interest rate for this loan product?
    The interest rate is equal to Prime +2%.
    *Prime is given by the Central Bank of Eswatini.
    5What is the Repayment Period?

    You can repay using any of the following periods:

    • Seasonal loans - 12 months
    • Short term loans - 24 months
    • Medium term loans - 36 months
    6Where do I submit and get an application form?

    You can get yourself an application form at any of the following places: 

    • Youth Enterprise Fund Offices - Rhus office park, karl grant street Mbabane.
    • Youth Enterprise Fund Website
    • At your nearest Inkhundla
    • Youth Council - ENYC

    YERF Order Finance Product

    1What is Order Financing?
    Youth Fund Order financing - Is a short-term commercial finance option that provides capital for young Eswatini Entrepreneurs who want to pay suppliers upfront for verified Purchase Orders (P.O) which have been obtained from reputable or reliable companies as well as government and public entities.
    2Who qualifies and can access this product?
    Order financing - Is designed for start-ups or existing businesses that want to fulfill orders but have limited access to working capital and/or poor cash flow. This product is ideal for businesses that require quick lending processes which are faster than normal loan processes.
    3Who is eligible to apply for this product?
    Young Eswatini entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 - 35 years
    4What are the required documents to apply for Order Finance?
    Trading License, Certified copy of ID, Lease Agreement or Cheifs letter, Business Plan, Market contracts/Letter of intent (multiply), 3 Qoutations of each input or service, Proof of availabilty of technical expertise - CV Certified Copy of: Certificate of Incorporation, Copy of Form J, Memorandum & Articles of Association), Confirmed Purchase Order, Cashflow Projections, Bank confirmation from supplier, Company resolution to borrow, Bank statement for 3 months (for existing business)
    5What are the Lending limits?

    Sole Trader: E5,000.00 to E80,000.00

    Companies: E5,000.00 to E150,000.00

    Cooperatives: E5,000.00 to E200,000.00

    6What is the Repayment Period?
    3 - 6 Months (once-off)
    7What is the Interest rate:?
    Prime +4%
    *Prime is given by the Central Bank of Eswatini.
    8Where can I get an application form and submit it?
    Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund offices.

    MTN YERF Khula Natsi

    1What is MTN YERF Khula Natsi?
    It is a loan product targeting the Youth of Eswatini wishing to grow/expand their existing businesses it is a collaboration between MTN Foundation and Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund.
    2What are the requirements for this product (Required documents)?

    Certified copy of ID

    • Completed MTN-YERF “Khula Natsi” loan application form
    • Business plan
    • Market confirmations
    • Entity registration documents (for registered companies)
    • Trading license (where applicable)
    • Applicable licenses and/or permits
    • Proof of authority for business premises
    • Evidence of existing business
    3What are the Lending Terms?
    The minimum loan size shall be E5,000.00 (Five Thousand Emalangeni) while the maximum loan size shall be E20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Emalangeni). The business loans shall be payable over a maximum 12 months’ period.
    4Where can I get an application form and submit it?
    Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund offices.
    5What is the Interest rate:?
    *Prime is given by the Central Bank of Eswatini.