About YERF Loan Increase Product

Loan Increase is a product that helps funded YERF beneficiaries to expand their loan. This product is only available to YERF beneficiaries within the ages of 18-35 and have already paid at least 50% on the initial loan and not in arrears.

1 Loan Increase lending limits

The following are the additional funding limits for the beneficiaries who already have loans approved by the Fund.

  • Individuals/Sole traders - E50,000.00 Extends to E70,000.00
  • Companies - E100,000.00 Extends to E200,000.00
  • Cooperatives - E150,000.00 Extends to E200,000.00
  • 2Interest Rates
    The interest rates to be charged to the applicants will remain the same interest rate charged on the initial loan. The only difference on this facility is that applicants would not have to wait for loan opening by YERF but would submit their requests as and when the need arises.
    3Application process
    Applicants should send an application letter addressed to YERF requesting for a loan increase.